Car Washing Myths Debunked

Car cleaning is an essential part of car ownership; whilst some love the one on one time with their pride and joy, spending hours trying to achieve a showroom quality finish, others loath it.


Whichever camp you’re in you may have heard a number of myths floating around which promise to make washing your car easier or faster. Well, we’re here to debunk a few of those theories and point you in the right direction.

1. A Shiny car is a clean car
When you clean your car, it may appear clean on the surface, although a quick run of the hand over the paint may tell a different story. An adequately cleaned car will feel as smooth as glass when you run your hand over the surface. Cars pick up tiny pieces of debris throughout their normal day to day travels, a cleaning apparatus known as a clay bar will help remove tiny bits of debris and repair any micro-imperfections.

2. Washing and cleaning are the same thing
Incorrect, a car wash will remove loose debris such as dust and bird droppings, working to maintain a certain level of car cleanliness. A clean on the other hand will go a step further, working to remove blemishes and bonded contaminants such as tree sap. A clean will also place emphasis on the interior, working to restore your car to its former showroom floor glory. 

3. Dish washing detergents are safe to use to wash your car
Whilst using dish washing detergent to clean your car may seem like a good idea, it is quite the opposite. Dish washing detergents are abrasive cleaning products which will cause your car’s clear coat to break down over time. In order to achieve a clean finish that’s safe for your car, use a proper car cleaning agent such as Nu Finish Pure Orange Car Wash. Nu Finish Pure Orange Car Wash includes pure orange oil, which has been proven to be the best natural cleaning agent to help remove grease and contaminants from many surfaces. 

4. There is no difference between polishing and waxing
Polishing and waxing are similar in the fact that they will both make your car look better; however, they go about in a completely different way. Polishing will help create a super shiny high gloss finish, whilst wax works to coat the paint in wax polymers, resins and silicone. Whilst waxing won’t necessarily make your car shiny, it will help protect a shiny finish, keeping it looking good for longer. 

5. T-Shirts and Flannel make good cleaning cloths
Whilst T-shirts, flannel and other household products may appear clean and appropriate for cleaning your car, they are unlikely to be able to absorb any particles off the paint surface. This will result in debris being pushed around which increases the chances of fine scratches and abrasions. To avoid this, use a product appropriate for car cleaning such as a chamois or microfiber towel. 

Next time you’re out washing your pride and joy, steer clear of any of these common myths to achieve a quality clean.