Easy New Car Maintenance Tips

Car paints and the methods of applying them have changed quite a bit in fifty years.


Car paints and the methods of applying them have changed quite a bit in fifty years. From heavy, oil based, enamels, to the acrylic urethane enamels and clear coats used now and applied in thin coats by robots, the quality of the finish and the ways to maintain have changed.

As odd as it may seem, water is a crucial part of the preparation process, with super high pressure sprayers washing the metal panels to be coated.

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A process called Electro-Coat Paint Operation (ELPO/E-Coat) is utilized, with the body and panels dipped into a vat, and then a high voltage is applied. This bonds the preparation coat to the parts and then a primer is applied. This provides protection, levels out the virtually invisible irregularities, and provides the base coat for the rest of the colours and clear coats. The clear coats themselves are now far more UV-resistant than before, which goes quite some way to requiring less work to maintain.

Because a new car, or a freshly repainted car, should have fewer issues in the uppermost coat, washing a car can be less of a burden yet still requires a high measure of the same care.

The clear coat is the sealer, and in virtually all new cars, will be smoother, clearer, and a casual spray of water should see the surface bead up, with droplets rolling easily. This is a sure sign the microscopic uppermost layers are free from the pits, the scratches, and irregularities found in older or lesser maintained vehicles.

There are products that are better suited to these kinds of coverings. Foam wash products and with a pH balanced formulation will go a long way to ensuring the clear coats stay strong and unbroken, stopping the beginning of a the breakdown process that affects the actual colour coats underneath.

However, one commonality remains. Microfibre cloths, and a pair of buckets should be standing by. The cloths should always be thoroughly washed and rinsed before use, and one bucket will be the rinse bucket when washing. Again this minimizes dirt and particle attacks on the coats.

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Another common practice is to wash on a cooler day, or, where possible, in shade. This also helps the clear coats as they’ll be less reactive to temperature change from a hot environment to the shock of the cooler fluids.

And when it comes to polishing, new cars shouldn’t require it. However, there are waterless polishes and formulations for use that will ensure the clear coats will keep their integrity.

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