Essential Cleaning Items For Your Garage

There’s a wonderful, if somewhat non-sensical, saying: get your ducks in a row. It essentially means to have things organised.


A home theatre enthusiast, for example, would have just the right list of receiver, tv or projector screen, 4K player, and great speakers.

A professionally employed car detailer would have their ducks in a row by having the right list of car cleaning equipment and also follow a process to ensure the end result is a shiny, gleaming, and clean machine.

It should go without saying that water is a main ingredient here. But to ensure it gets to where it needs to be?

Adjustable Hose Nozzle

Where possible, an adjustable head for the hose should be used. A high pressure jet setting, a gentle rainfall setting, and a flat setting should be available via easily sourced nozzles from major hardware stores. This allows a wash cycle to target a specific area and be employed for a specific use, such as encrusted dirt removal to rinsing.

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Bucket and Microfibre Cloth(s)

Naturally a pair of buckets should be in the list, along with micro-fibre cloths. One bucket should hold the liquid to be the dirt removal, such as Nu Finish Car Wash. The other should be the “dirty” bucket, with the cloths used to be rinsed in here.

All washing should be done from the roof down, and where possible, in cool conditions. Wash section by section and to dry? A good quality chamois is a must have inclusion in the list and one that should always be thoroughly rinsed after used. This ensures as little as possible remaining dirt that could inadvertently be transferred to the car’s paintwork.

Window/Wheel Cleaner

Windows and wheels require their own cleaning materials. Commercially available window cleaning fluids and cloths will ensure dirt is removed and there is also the possibility of judicious cleaning with methylated spirits and appropriate cloths for some window areas.

For the wheels, there are a few options. A foaming spray, one that goes on in an almost liquid form before quickly bubbling and expanding to lift brake dust and road grime away is one. Another is a gentle on the metal formulation that works not unlike a household spray cleaner. There are similar products for the tyres too, with some claiming their usage helps to condition the rubber for extra longevity.

Exterior Cleaning

Nu Finish Scratch Doctor and Rapid Shine can also be included in the list for the exterior. These will aid in minimizing those pesky minor scratches standing out, and bring a true luster to the exterior. Inside isn’t forgotten either. Add into the list Nu Finish Nu Vinyl, a fresh smelling and grease free applicant to clean and maintain interior surfaces.

We’d love to see how you’ve got your ducks in a row; let us know your essential cleaning item list via our feedbacks section.