How Does Scratch Remover Work?

We’ve all been there; putting in the hard yards giving our pride and joy a well-deserved wash, only to catch a glimpse of an unsightly scratch under the garage light.


You might think that a scratch will inevitably result in a trip down to the body repair shop, and you might be right, although in many situations you may actually be able to repair the scratch yourself at home.

In order to go about repairing the scratch yourself, it’s important to understand what a scratch actually is. A scratch is a fine indentation that can be seen by the naked eye due to the reflection of light. Picture a scratch as a thin valley in your car’s paint. Each side of the valley is sharp and refracts the sunlight in such a way that it is visible to the naked eye. 

Most scratch removers will work by removing a very thin layer of the car’s clear coat so that it’s even with the scratches. Unfortunately this will result in the paint in the area becoming dull, meaning that solving one problem may create another. A much less aggressive scratch remover such as Nu Finish Scratch Doctor works by smoothing the edges of scratches, which won’t negatively affect the cars paint. It does so by using organic compounds and micro emulsions which will improve the appearance of even deep scratches. Nu Finish Scratch Doctor has been proven in tests to be the least abrasive scratch remover amongst its competitors. If you can see the metal beneath the paint though, it might be worth a trip down to the body shop where a professional can assess whether it’s reparable at all. 

It is important to note that every scratch is different, therefore requiring different levels of attention. Some scratches will completely disappear after one application of Nu Finish Scratch Doctor, while others will require multiple re-applications. 

Next time you find a scratch on your car, before buying just any scratch remover, understand how they work and know which product will be best for your particular scratch. 

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