Interior Car Care With Nu Finish Nu Vinyl

The Nu range of products comes from a company that started production of specialized


The Nu range of products comes from a company that started production of specialized coating products in 1929, It’s a family owned company and to this day has members of the original family working hands on in the production  of coatings such as Nu Vinyl.

Nu Vinyl itself dates back to 1970, when a new to the coatings market product was released. Designed to be applied to vinyl roofs of cars, and rubber products such as tyres, Nu Vinyl quickly gained a reputation as THE one stop product to buy.

However, it was soon found that the formulation was absolutely ideal for more than exterior applications. Iinterior vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces benefit from a simple one step application, and with no buffing, means that minimal effort for high gains is easily achieved. Effectively, anything that’s of a porous nature, such as a leather clad travel bag, can benefit from Nu Vinyl’s unique formulation.

It’s a spray on, not pour onto a cloth, product. Nu Vinyl comes in two handy sized and is incredibly easy to use.  There’s no rubbing in, no buffing dry. Not only does it add a resistance factor to any surface it’s applied to when it comes to liquids, it raises the protection level against dirt and dust.

Leather can be a somewhat difficult material to look after, especially if it’s the real deal, not the man made product. Nu Vinyl, judiciously applied, will help protect leather seats, both inside the car, and at home. Have something with marine use? Although more frequent applications may be required, Nu Vinyl can be applied to marine grade leather, vinyl, and rubber products.

Items such as footballs, soccer balls, even the material that is used on umbrellas, can benefit from Nu Vinyl. It’s essential though to have CLEAN micro-fibre cloths. This ensures that the formulation isn’t hindered by any pre-existing contaminants.

An extra benefit is the formulation’s quick dry time. There really is nothing worse than spraying or wiping a cleaning solution and coming back an hour or two later to find it’s still slick and slippery. Nu Vinyl dries rapidly which means whatever it’s been applied to can used almost immediately.

There is also no need to worry that it leaves a greasy residue. When dry, Nu Vinyl is a soft matte finish. Worried about overspray? This is when the makeup of Nu Vinyl can help. Just a minute amount is required to do the job and it can be applied sparingly with a clean cloth. A very gentle application method yields better results and there is no need to slather on Nu Vinyl, such is the efficiency of the liquid itself.

Nu Vinyl’s special formulation penetrates and provides protection for months, meaning it’s super cost efficient and excellent value. And being widely available means it’s easy to buy and to get refills!

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