Nu Finish – Five Things To Do In Car Care

Thirty years or so ago it wasn’t uncommon to see blokes in the driveway on a Sunday morn, coffee in one hand, instruction manual in the other, and a quizzical look on their faces. The cause? Car maintenance.


We’re talking the days before computers, and when a hammer and screwdriver, along with a few choice words, were all that were required to home service the car.

Times have changed in some aspects, but there are still plenty of car care things we can do ourselves.


THE unsung heroes of cars, tyres need more love. They need air, like us. They need a checkup periodically, like us. They need moisturising, like us. The best way to look after tyres is pretty simple. When washing the car, wash the tyres too.

Embedded dirt can work its way into the rubber’s surface and begin the process of breaking down the rubber which allows even more in. Commercially available tyre coatings which can be brushed, sprayed, or wiped on, will do the trick after washing.


It really is surprising how easily paint can be degraded by simply not being kept clean. A good wash with Nu Finish Car Wash from the top down, and done in the shade by the way, will lift out and remove the harmful particles our eyes can’t see. Nu Finish Car Polish or Scratch Doctor can then be applied to smooth out the pits and crevices that dirt hides in. Nu Finish Rapid Shine can also assist in keeping your car shiny and good looking.


Just about every new car comes fitted with alloy wheels now. Those with steel wheels are entry level cars, and generally have plastic wheel covers. Brake dust can be unsightly, and surprisingly abrasive if not removed. A spray on product with grease removing capabilities is best used here, alongside a gentle wash and soft cloth.


Seats can be vacuumed, as can carpets or mats. Off road capable vehicles may have rubber floor mats, which Nu Vinyl, in a handy spray bottle with two sizes to choose from, can be applied to and make cleaning easier. Cars with an older plastic or vinyl trim will also benefit from a wipe over with a damp cloth to remove surface dust, then a light application of Nu Vinyl on a clean cloth to keep them clean and supple.

All Over.

Today’s cars have sleeker, smoother, aerodynamic designs, and some of that extra slipperiness comes from the plastics and shrouds fitted to move air around. Pop the bonnet and have a look at the plastic shroud closest to the windscreen. Check out where the bonnet hinges are, and remove any dirt, leaves, and general waste that may have accumulated. In some places, a cloth sprayed with Nu Vinyl and gently applied will add a protective barrier against moisture and dirt.

The Nu Finish range of automotive care products are available in plenty of automotive retail outlets. They’re simple to use and apply to keep your car looking great.

We’d love to hear what you have used Nu Finish for and how it’s looked after your car. Get in touch via our blog and our social media outlets to let us know.