Nu Finish - On The Internet. Part 1

Nu Finish is widely regarded as one of the best polishes for applications on the paint work for motor vehicles. However, Scotty Kilmer from Scotty Quick Fix has found a somewhat different use for  Nu Finish polish


Scotty has an excitable and engaging style, not unlike the American radio disc jockeys of the 1950s. In his presentation he focuses on an area that is of critical importance to safe driving, a car’s windscreen…but with a twist.

Scotty begins by pointing out something many people are accustomed to and perhaps have not thought of options to fix: the sound of fingernails down a blackboard in the shape of a windscreen wiper being dragged across what looks to be a clean window.

He points out that the noise can be, reasonably, expected to come from tired and work blades but in the base of new and clean blades, what to do?

He grabs a bottle of iso-propyl alcohol, IPA , and some high quality paper toweling. After lifting the wiper blades away from the windscreen of his red Lexus coupe, Scotty gives one side, then the other side, of the window a good scrub of IPA on towel. This removes those microscopic bits of dirt and dust that remain after a normal screen clean.

It’s here that Scotty divulges his secret. He whips out a bottle of Nu Finish “Once A Year Car Polish” and reveals that one of his viewers let him know its hidden use. Because Nu Finish’s formulation has no wax, it won’t build up to a heavy residue. This is important because Scotty then applies Nu Finish direct to the windscreen!

He hints, in his characteristic tongue-in-cheek way, that Nu Finish should pay him a finder’s fee as he says he just did this because he knows it works.

He applies it to the windscreen in the same manner as he would to the outside of his Lexus; first one side or section, then the other. After waiting until it’s dried to a cloudy haze, he uses a new and clean cloth, buffs the windscreen thoroughly and suggests a second coat will improve the end result even further.

That end result is two wiper blades moving across a sparkling and shiny, and DRY, windscreen, without any noise at all.

Scotty wraps by saying that on a car Nu Finish is good for once a year but he does his windscreen four times a year to keep up that impressive level of protection.

What do you think? Does Nu Finish give your windscreen that shiny finish and noiseless passage? Let us know and we’d love to see video of yours too!