Nu Finish scrubs up brilliantly in car polish test

The prestigious USA consumer report website,, has completed a comprehensive set of tests on a wide range of automotive polishes. A total of 19 brands of polishes and waxes were tested for gloss, durability and how they affected bot


Nu Finish rated top of the charts for both liquid and paste polishes. Both Nu Finish products topped the all important best buy recommendation, while the Nu Finish car polish paste topped the overall list.

Each segment of the test was rated separately with Nu Finish liquid polish and paste scoring highly for gloss improvement, durability, ease of application and removal, cleaning, scratching/hazing and cost.

In the durability section, Nu Finish liquid polish scored the highest of all liquid polishes while paste was rated as excellent, the highest rating in that category.

The report also includes a rating of ‘cost per ounce’ as a method of comparing the actual price of the products. This is important as it removes the bottle cost of each product which is influenced by the volume of its contents. It showed that Nu Finish is very cost effective and both Nu Finish products were recommended as providing performance and value.

“An independent test of this nature further substantiates the value of using the Nu Finish range of products”. Report says Gareth Walker, Sales Manager for Trico Products.

NuFinish consumer table