Nu Finish set to shine this summer

Nu Finish, is set to shine this summer with three television advertisements designed to build the brand and product demand for this strong mid range contender in the car care products marketplace.


The advertisements are also designed to promote Nu Finish as a complete car care program that has products which create a high gloss, long lasting result that is easy to achieve. 

Nu Finish car polish, the once a year car polish, is among the best selling car care products in Australia and delivers durability and protection for up to 12 months. The advertisement re-enforces these key selling features, it shows a car in very poor condition from a wrecking yard that is polished to produce a deep, hard shine. The amount of polishing required to bring up the shine is minimal because the Nu Finish car polish requires no buffing.  The car is put through a car wash 52 times to show the product durability and displaying a high gloss finish. 

Backing up the Nu Finish once a year car polish, is Cling, the instant detailer that truly does stick.  It's designed to enhance the shine on your car between yearly polishes. The spray bottle product delivers an easy non drip, streak free formula that’s extremely important in delivering this no fuss product.

To further maintain the cars appearance, Nu Finish Scratch Doctor removes scuffs, oxidisation, bugs, tar deposits and fine scratches from the paintwork. It’s designed to be used before applying Nu Finish polish to prepare the surface.  Independent laboratory tests have proven Scratch Doctor to be the best scratch remover available which is one of the claims that is stated in the advertisement.

Nu Finish car wash is the ideal accompaniment product and is the only car wash made using pure orange oil. Nu Finish car wash is designed to work in tandem with its polish family products to ensure maximum life on the vehicles paint work.