NuFinish Nu Vinyl Car Care

At home one evening, and the youngest child slips on the tiles and spills a drink on the leather lounge.


It’s ok though. There’s a product that’s been put onto the fabric to repel the fluid, making it easy to clean. Pity there’s nothing like that for the pride and joy sitting in the driveway.

Wait a second! What about Nu Vinyl?

One of Australia’s leading vinyl, leather and rubber protectors for the car comes in two handy sized spray bottles and is incredibly easy to use.  An immediate advantage is this: it’s a spray on product. That’s it. There’s no rubbing in, no buffing dry. Not only does it add fluid resistance it immediately improves the level of dirt and dust resistance too.

But what about the fact the car has leather and vinyl surfaces. Not a problem. Nu Vinyl’s unique formulation has been specifically engineered to deal with both leather, and of course, vinyl. Nu Vinyl works great on dashboards, doors, plastic trim and leather trim. Try it on leather boots, vinyl seat cushions and rubber molding to protect them from harmful UV rays and harsh weather-related conditions. There are hundreds of other uses for Nu Vinyl around your home.

It’s a quick dryer, meaning the cars can be used almost immediately. And it dries to a matte finish and doesn’t leave behind any excess residue. Worried about spray getting where it should? Easy. Unscrew the spray attachment and pour a very small amount onto a clean terry-toweling cloth. Lightly wipe the cloth over the desired surface, and that includes plastic trim and even the exterior trim or the tyres.

Nu Vinyl’s special formulation penetrates and provides protection for months, meaning it’s super cost efficient and excellent value. And being widely available means it’s easy to buy and to get refills!

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