NuFinish Polish Car Wash – Orange Power

Drivers always want to make sure their pride and joy in the garage is looking its best. And because there are a range of products designed to clean a car, they’d want to make sure they use the best.


As there’s quite a few different kinds of cars it not always easy to have a “one stop shop” style of product. Consider a person that own a Jeep and has gone off-road, taking it through some muddy and dusty trails. It’s a Jeep, after all, they’re designed to be given off-road hell. Knowing it was pretty grubby they’d want something that will cut through the dirt, the dust, the mud, but do so knowing it won’t hurt the paintwork.).

A discerning owner will have a bottle of Nu-Finish Orange Power. Crack the lid and sniff. There’s a deep aroma of orange. It’s neither pungent nor overpowering but rather a scent that’s reassuring. All that is required is a capful poured into a bucket to be filled with cool to warm water.

After moving the car onto the lawn to minimize water wastage, a rinse from the roof down is performed, then a good squirt in the wheelwells. Perhaps a pressure washer with a reservoir attachment is used to reach the hard to get bits underneath.  

With a new sponge and a gentle hand the roof is washed down with Nu-Finish Orange Power and immediately the benefits of that formulation are seen. The foam lifts up the smallest particles of dirt and dust and carries it away from the paint and clear coat, minimizing swirls and scratches.

The car also had a couple of spots on it where birds had left their mark. The orange oil formulation manages to remove items such as this without residual paint marks.

By rinsing the sponge thoroughly before moving onto a new section, this ensures that the Nu-Finish Orange Power is as untainted as possible and able to perform its cleaning duties. It also does help that a rinse of every section ensures any residual dust is washed towards the bottom of the car.

A benefit of the efficiency of Nu-Finish Orange Power is that because it really reaches down and pulls out so much dirt, it may need a second and perhaps, depending on how dirty and big the car, a third bucket to ensure the car is thoroughly and properly cleaned. The end result will be a car that will gleam like new, and ready for a coat of any other Nu-Finish product deemed suitable.

Nu-Finish Orange Power is available at most automotive aftermarket retail outlets in a handy two size range.

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