NuFinish Rapid Shine Foam Detailer

Cleaning a car is seen by some as a chore. For many others it’s a fun time and can actually be used to bring the family together. Mum or Dad can man the hose, the kids hold the bucket and pour in the washing fluid, and someone else can throw the sponge at


This sounds wonderful but there can be some downsides. Surface preparation can too easily be overlooked, and water on its own is not a great cleaner. Sponges and cloths combined with a surface that hasn’t been prepared can lead to paint surface damage such as swirl marks and even scratches.

However there are times and situations where a clean is required but there’s only one person on hand to do so.

This is where Nu Finish steps up. The Rapid Shine Foam Detailer comes in a simple to use spray bottle. The special formulation comes out in a thick liquid and on contact with the paint surface turns into foam. This has the effect of lifting dirt out of the pores of the paint, bringing dirt particles away from the surface and minimizing as much as possible the potential for surface damage.

It’s always recommended to use Nu Finish products to wash the car first though. Once done and the car has been dried, the foam can do its work. Best done in shade but formulated to work in direct sunlight, once a section has been coated in foam a clean micro-fibre cloth is used to gently spread the Nu Finish Rapid Shine Foam Detailer over the surface.

A separate cloth is then employed to buff Rapid Shine and it’s great to know there’s no left over residue. Once done, there’s an extra layer of protection that helps protect the surface between normal polishing and the formulation also helps to protect the paint up to three times longer than other products.

Nu Finish has a comprehensive product range which is designed to keep your car as clean, shiny, and protected as possible. Our website has the information there and you can keep track of us via our social media and blogs.