Road Trip Cleaning

It’s been a difficult twelve months for Australia. January 2020 saw a sizeable portion of the lower eastern seaboard afire, then along came Covid-19


Borders were closed and travel, even within a state, was difficult to undertake. In late 2020 the situation had changed enough for the big driving holiday to happen and out we went.

Australia is indeed a place “of drought and flooding rains”, which means our cars come home caked in dirt, be it the red bulldust of the outback or mud caked from river crossings.

It’s time for a cuppa before getting out the Nu Finish products to start the cleaning cycle.

Where to start? Simple. Park the car on the lawn, if you can...or if you have one. And remember, washing a car is best done in shade, or early morning before the sun gets a chance to heat the metal and plastics. Wash from the top down, too.

Depending on how you like to wash, hands on, a minimum of one bucket with Nu Finish Car Wash and a clean cloth is required. Just one cup of Nu Finish Car Wash with its unique orange oil formulation is all you need to mix with your bucket of warm water.

Our car wash is made to ensure maximum cleaning effectiveness yet is soft on car parts in that there is no stripping of polish or damage to sensitive plastic parts.

Harking back to the cleaning, a second bucket to rinse the car as you go, and remember to clean section by section from the roof down, and cleaning that cloth on a regular basis, will stop or reduce spotting as the water evaporates. Dry with a clean chamois as you go.

Once the car has been washed and dried, it’s time to bring some sparkle. Whip out our Nu Finish Rapid Shine Foam Detailer and sparingly apply using a damp cloth to the plastics around the outside of the car. It’s chrome safe and paint safe too, and will be a great starting point for adding shine.

If you’ve gone hard off-road, the paintwork is likely to have plenty of those fine, and not so fine, surface scratches. Nu Finish Scratch Doctor is ideal here, as it gently buffs away those surface scratches. It can even go some way to reducing the visual impact of deeper markings, and help reduce the result of nature’s output from birds.

For the outside you can finish bringing the lustre back with our popular Nu Finish Once A Year car Polish. It’s scientifically proven to provide a strong barrier to the elements and its wax free formulation means it’s safe to use on every kind of car.

Finally, let’s head inside and give the seats and dash some love with our Nu Vinyl protectant. It’s a simple one-spray product, free of silicones, and dries to a hard yet shiny dirt repellent finish. What’s more, it’s leather compatible so those battered leather boots will benefit from Nu Vinyl’s properties.

Once done, it’s time for another cuppa, so you can admire the work you’ve put in and how effective the Nu Finish range of products, available through most automotive retail outlets, can be.

We’d love to see your before and after pictures with Nu Finish being used. Drop us those on our facebook page.