The Many Uses of Automotive Protectants

Nu Finish’s Nu Vinyl has been used for years by car detailers and auto enthusiasts alike. Lasting longer than any other vinyl, leather and rubber automotive protectants, Nu Vinyl Protectant can be used for a number of applications.


Nu Vinyl Automotive Protectant features a simple one-step formula, drying to a hard, flexible film that won’t attract dirt. In this article we will take a look at some of the many ways you can use Nu Vinyl Automotive Protectant.

Leather Upholstery
Leather upholstery in your car or home responds very well to the application of Nu Vinyl Automotive Protectant. By applying a small amount to a clean leather surface with a soft, dry cloth; your leather upholstery will be adequately protected against the elements and feature a clean, new look.

The dashboard is the biggest interior panel in your car, and the most likely to be damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. In lieu of covering your dash with an unsightly dash mat, a protectant such as Nu Vinyl will provide your dash with a level of protection higher than that of competitor protectants. 

Nu Vinyl will protect, and enhance the look of the tires on your car. Tires are your only connection to the road beneath you, therefore it’s essential to keep them performing and looking as good as possible. An application of Nu-vinyl will bring your tires back to life and protect against dry rot. 

Plastic Trim
By applying Nu Vinyl Automotive Protectant to the plastic trim in your car, you will keep it looking new whilst providing protection from harmful UV Rays. UV Degradation fast-tracks the depreciation of your car, resulting in cracked and dis-coloured plastic trim. 

Shoes & boots
Nu Vinyl Automotive Protectant also works well on shoes and boots! Nu Vinyl will waterproof your new leather shoes, ensuring they aren’t destroyed the first time they encounter water. 

Nu Finish Nu Vinyl is a top quality automotive protectant that will keep the vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces in your life protected and looking as good as new!