Tips To Get Your Car Ready For Sale

There’s no doubt that when buying a car from a dealership that many hours of work have gone in to make the cars on the lot as presentable as possible.


When a brand new car is delivered to a dealership it’s usually covered in a protective shroud and polystyrene blocks. From here a detailing team will go over the car with the proverbial fine toothed comb and ultimately will have a glossy, shiny, fresh smelling car ready for the lot.

But what about a pre-owned car? This term covers a car a private seller may be looking to sell. What can be done to make a pre-loved car look as good as possible?

This is where NuFinish steps up, with a comprehensive range of car care products.

Cleaning a car is absolutely the first port of call when preparing a car for resale. The best method is to prewash the car using a hose on spray. Rinse from the top down and then ready a bucket of NuFinish Car Wash with orange oil. Where possible a bucket with warm water, one capful of Orange Power, and a new wash cloth should be used. Again wash from the top down and do a section at a time. For example, wash the roof, then rinse off. The rear section or front, then again rinse, and so on. This comes in a convenient 473mL and 1.89L bottle choice.

Once dried with a chamois, the car’s exterior condition will be clean and clearly visible. It’s here that NuFinish Scratch Doctor can be brought into the game. Specifically formulated to remove and reduce surface scratches, Scratch Doctor has been rated as the number one product to remove paint surface marks.

A shiny car is always guaranteed to catch the eye of a buyer. If the car’s exterior is already in good condition then NuFinish Rapid Shine is the number one choice. A simple spray from the bottle is all that’s needed before rubbing it into the car’s surface with a light pressure circular motion. Let it dry to a fine white haze. Again, new or clean cloths should be used. Once that haze has appeared, buff the surface to a shine. If the surface is a bit rough or faded, then NuFinish Car Polish is the go-to product. Formulated in a liquid or paste, this is ideal for bringing back a faded shine.

Now to the inside. Always start with a good vacuuming. For the inside of the windows use a new microfiber cloth and your chosen window cleaner. When tackling the interior surfaces NuFinish’s NuVinyl will be the preferred product to apply. Available in a hand 229mL or 473mL spray bottle, there’s no wiping or buffing required. Spray onto small sections at a time, and spread gently with a new or clean cloth. The formulation stops further dirt attraction and it’s recommended to up that level of safety by applying a second coat when the first has dried. It’s even fine to use on the tires to bring out a high gloss visual appeal.

NuFinish. Here to help the pre-loved car find a new loving home. Our website has more information and our blog is where you can keep up to date on the latest information, plus you can follow us on our social media outlets.