Why Dry After A Wash?

It’s a question that pops up from time to time; after I wash my car, why should I dry it? In essence, it’s not an unfair question as the expectation is the sun and/or wind would do the job.

True, however…


Irrespective of how thoroughly a car is washed and the quality of the surface, water will bead and pool upon the surface. These leftovers will house the very dirt and dust molecules left over from the wash, the very bits and pieces the wash is intended to remove.

Depending on the surface, it’s these leftovers that can begin the breakdown process of the clear coat that seals and protects the paint itself.

Already damaged paintwork then stands a higher chance of further damage. Plus, even water than seems clean has the normal minerals which won’t evaporate from wind or sun.

As this dries off, the minerals will be left behind, leaving those little white spots that become noticeable and sometimes become even harder to remove from the paint surface.

There are a couple of things that can help in the drying process. As has been recommended before, don’t wash on a hot day or in full sunlight. Good quality, and not necessarily expensive micro-fibre cloths or chamois should be employed. There are even silicone blade devices, not unlike our wiper blades, that will quickly, easily, and safely remove the majority of leftover water very quickly.

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Don’t dry in a circular motion, gently pull the cloth in a straight line, and dry from the top down too.

Our  NuFinish website has plenty of handy tips and hints for ensuring your car’s surfaces are always in tip-top condition and thoughts on how best to wash & dry, plus polish, your car.

 If you’ve let your wet car dry off, and had spots etc appear, let us know what you have tried to remove them via our feedback channels in our socials.