Car Wash

Only car wash made with pure orange oil.

  • Only car wash made with pure orange oil.
  • Won't streak or spot . . .unlike harsh, household detergents.
  • Will not strip wax or polish from your car's finish.
  • Contains no harmful ingredients.
  • Great for removing tar, tree sap, bugs and bird droppings.
  • Concentrated formula makes it more economical.
  • Available in 473mL and 1.89L bottles.
  • Money back guarantee


Rinse off loose dirt with water > Pour one capful into pail and add water > Apply with sponge or soft cloth > Rinse off and dry with chamois or soft cloth

  • Why should I use a formulated car wash, like Nu Finish Car Wash, rather than a dishwashing detergent to wash my car?

    Household detergents can strip away wax or polish that is applied on painted surfaces, leaving your car's finish unprotected by removing the protective layer of wax from your car. Nu Finish Car Wash is specifically formulated to cut through the tough grime while leaving the layers of wax or polish behind on the painted surface. It won't streak or spot like other car washes, and it's safe for all car finishes.

  • Why does Nu Finish Car Wash have pure orange oil in it?

    Pure orange oil has been proven to be the best natural cleaning agent to help remove grease and contaminants from many surfaces. Nu Finish Car Wash is the only car wash on the market that harnesses the natural cleaning power of pure orange oil. Although it is tough on dirt and grime, it won’t strip your wax or polish from your car’s surface.

  • How can I get out really stubborn soil, bugs or tar off of my car?

    Use undiluted Nu Finish Car Wash with Pure Orange Oil straight from the bottle and apply it directly to the spot that is giving you trouble. Then make sure to wash your entire car with Nu Finish Car Wash with Pure Orange Oil by following the instructions on the bottle.