Scratch Doctor

Rated #1 surface scratch remover by independent laboratory testing versus other leading scratch removers.

  • Rated #1 surface scratch remover by independent laboratory testing versus other leading scratch removers.
  • The Clear Coat Scratch Remover.
  • Won't leave behind more scratches than it removes... unlike other scratch removers.
  • Great for removing paint scrapes, scuffs, haze and swirl marks.
  • Will even reduce the appearance of deep scratches.
  • Available in convenient 192mL inverted bottle.
  • Money back guarantee


Wash area to be treated > Apply a small amount to the affected areas with a clean, soft cloth > Let dry to a haze and wipe off with a soft cloth > Reapply if necessary > For maximum protection, apply Nu Finish Car Polish.

  • How do I avoid getting swirl marks, or fine scratches, on my car?

    Swirl marks are microscopic scratches in your car's finish. Harsh polishing pads, automatic car washes or cloths that have picked up abrasives from improper storage may also cause swirl marks.

    To avoid getting swirl marks, thoroughly wash your car's finish before applying a car polish. Always use a clean, 100% terry cloth towel so the sensitive paint on your car has less of a chance of being scratched.

  • How do I remove fine scratches and haze from my car’s paint?

    Nu Finish Scratch Doctor has been proven by independent laboratory tests to remove surface scratches better than any other scratch remover on the market. Also, most scratch removers will actually leave more scratches behind than they remove. Scratch Doctor will not create additional scratches, and tests proved that it was the least abrasive of any of the surface scratch removers tested.

  • What is a scratch, in reality?

    A scratch is a fine indentation that can be seen by the naked eye due to the refraction of light. Picture a scratch as a very thin valley in your car’s paint. Each side of the valley is sharp and catches the sunlight in such a way that it is visible to the naked eye.

  • I have a relatively deep scratch on the passenger door of my car. How will Nu Finish Scratch Doctor help improve its appearance?

    Most scratch removers use harsh abrasives to remove layers of your car’s paint. This will, in turn, conceal the scratch by removing layers of paint much like sandpaper does to wood. Scratch Doctor uses organic compounds and micro emulsions to smooth the sharp edges of the scratch. It is designed to soften the edges of the scratch with each application without harming your car’s surface. And it will improve the appearance of even deep scratches.